Statement from INTODogs

INTODogs has resigned from the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

We had intended to avoid making any kind of public statement about this as we didn’t feel it was professional to do so or that it did the wider behaviour and training world any favours to point out division within accredited bodies.

The ABTC, however, issued a statement (and then replaced it with an amended one), which by both its content and tone is potentially misleading, and so regrettably has left us with no option but to do so.

The full content of our resignation letter to ABTC is as follows:

“As the requirements for behavioural accreditation have changed significantly since INTODogs joined ABTC, and as the majority of our members are now no longer able to achieve that accreditation, we feel that it is no longer beneficial for us to remain as members. In fact, to do so would be selling our members short. We have therefore decided to no longer continue as an organisation member of ABTC.

Today we will ask our members to remove all ABTC references and logos from their websites, email signatures and stationery. Please bear in mind that some members have to wait for webmasters to make changes for them, so we have given them a two-week grace period to arrange for this.

We understand that our members will be removed from the AAB list.”

After an email response from ABTC we clarified it further by saying:

“Thank you for your considered and detailed response.

While we could debate all of these matters at length, the bottom line still is that the majority of our members are not well served by ABTC membership (and even more so after 2021 when the AAB listing will no longer exist). With our limited time, resources and budget, we have to do what is the most beneficial for our membership as a whole – not just the ones able to achieve the CAB listing as it stands – and, as time has gone on, it has become clear that for us that is outside ABTC.

We are not ruling out the possibility of re-joining in the future if there is an appropriate accreditation for our members that would afford us the professional benefits that would help us as an organisation and as individuals, but for now we are going to focus on building INTODogs into a stronger independent body true to our original vision.

We wish you and ABTC all the best in the future going forward.”

This decision was not made lightly – especially as it meant that the majority of our members who were already AAB accredited with ABTC would lose that status – but as always we will work in the best interests of our members, and the clients who seek our help.

Going forward, INTODogs are looking ahead to a bright future, and will be open to working with other organisations who share our ethos.

adminStatement from INTODogs