Australian Shepherd Shedding: What to Expect and How to Manage

australian shepherd shedding

Australian Shepherds shed a lot twice a year. This happens during the spring and fall. Many people don’t expect this when they first get their dog. But, knowing about this shedding is key to taking good care of your dog’s coat. Shedding shows your dog is healthy and full of life.

Their thick fur doesn’t just shed during these times. It sheds a bit all year round. This means you should brush your Australian Shepherd at least once every week. This helps keep their coat nice and stops mats from forming. Remember, a clean dog sheds less. But, don’t bathe them too much. That can remove their natural oils and make shedding worse. A bath once a month or every two months is enough.

Many things can affect how much your dog sheds. Their food, any health problems, and how old they are play a part. Feeding them food with lots of omega fatty acids can make their coat healthier. And, regular visits to the vet can spot any health issues early. This can keep shedding under control. With the right tools and care, shedding can be just a small part of living with this happy dog breed.

Key Takeaways

  • Australian Shepherds shed heavily twice a year during “blow coat” seasons.
  • Regular brushing at least once or twice a week is essential for managing dog hair and preventing matting.
  • A balanced diet rich in omega fatty acids can promote a healthy coat and reduce excessive shedding.
  • Bathe Australian Shepherds once a month or every two months to maintain natural oils in their coat.
  • Understanding and managing shedding is part of the joyful experience of living with an Australian Shepherd.

Understanding Australian Shepherd Shedding

Australian Shepherd shedding is something owners need to know about. Their unique double coat requires special grooming. It’s important to understand why they shed to keep their coat healthy and your home clean.

australian shepherd shedding

What Causes Shedding in Australian Shepherds

Shedding in Australian Shepherds happens as they renew their fur. This breed sheds a lot because their coats change with the seasons. Good grooming is key due to their thick undercoats and outer coats. Knowing when and why they shed helps you manage it better.

Seasonal Shedding and the “Blow Coat” Phenomenon

They shed most in spring and fall, during the “blow coat” seasons. Then, they lose old fur to grow new, increasing shedding. This seasonal shedding lasts weeks, needing careful grooming to keep your Aussie comfy and your home clean.

Factors Influencing Shedding

Several things can affect your Australian Shepherd’s shedding. These include:

  • Diet: A balanced diet with omega fatty acids makes their skin and coat healthier, reducing shedding.
  • Age: Puppies lose their puppy fur before growing their adult coat, and older dogs might shed more with changes in their skin and coat health.
  • Health: More shedding might show health problems like allergies or skin conditions.
  • Environmental Factors: Changes in temperature, sunlight, and dry air can also make them shed more.

Getting professional grooming helps a lot with Australian Shepherds. Experts can remove the loose undercoat well, lowering fur loss in your home.

Here is a helpful comparison of the impact of various factors:


Impact on Shedding

Diet Rich in Omega-3 Fatty AcidsReduces Shedding
Age (Puppies)Initial High Shedding
Age (Senior Dogs)Increased Shedding
Health Issues (e.g., Dermatitis, Allergies)Increases Shedding
Environmental FactorsIncreases Shedding

Essential Grooming Tips for Managing Shedding

For your Australian Shepherd, managing shedding means a solid grooming routine. Regular grooming cuts down shed hair and boosts your pet’s coat health. You can change how much your dog sheds by using the right brushing moves, proper bathing, and a good diet.

Brushing Techniques for Double Coats

Brushing is key for your Aussie’s shedding. Their double coat needs the right tools to control shedding. Brushing a few times a week, especially when they shed more, helps a lot. Use slicker brushes and undercoat rakes to get rid of loose fur. Even Aussies with less shedding need regular brushing.

Bathing Frequency and Best Practices

When bathing your Aussie, keep their skin’s natural oils in mind. Too much bathing can make shedding worse. Try to bathe your dog just 1-2 times a month. Use a gentle shampoo made for dogs to keep their coat healthy. Bathing them as needed, along with brushing, keeps shedding under control.

Importance of a Healthy Diet

A good diet is crucial for your Aussie’s coat. Things like omega-3 acids, protein, vitamin E, and zinc help reduce shedding. Picking high-quality dog food makes a big difference in how much your dog sheds. This is especially true during seasonal changes, when a strong diet helps their fur stay healthy.

Tools and Products to Help Control Shedding

Managing your Australian Shepherd’s shedding is easier with the right tools and products. There are key tools aimed at effectively handling shedding. They keep your dog’s coat healthy and your home free of fur.

Best Brushes and Grooming Tools

The King Komb is a top choice for deshedding brushes. Made for medium to large dogs, it has 51 rubber bristles. Brushing your Aussie two to three times a week with it can greatly cut down on shedding. The King Komb also has self-cleaning edges that make grooming simple. Other tools like undercoat rakes and the Mars Coat King are also great. They help control shedding and are gentle on your dog’s coat.

brush deshedding tools

Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

A pet-specific vacuum cleaner is crucial for handling fur in your home. These vacuums are built for the tough job of getting fur off floors and furniture. They have strong suction and special attachments to get all the pet hair. This keeps your home clean and reduces allergens, making a healthier environment for you and your pet.

Grooming Products

There are also grooming products that help with shedding. Conditioners and shampoos can decrease how much your Aussie sheds. Some shampoos have omega fatty acids which are good for your dog’s coat. Supplements can also improve your dog’s coat from the inside. Using these products with regular grooming will really reduce shedding.

Practical Tips for Maintaining a Fur-Free Home

Living with Australian Shepherds means fur everywhere, but it doesn’t have to. With daily cleaning, furniture protection, and some changes in how you live, you can keep your house fur-free. It’s about having the right approach and using smart tools.

Daily Cleaning Habits

Keeping up with daily cleaning is a must for less dog hair around. Vacuuming daily, especially with a Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional, tackles fur on floors well. It’s lightweight and powerful against pet hair. Also, using a Swiffer Wet Jet makes wood and tile floors shine.

Brushing your dog regularly with a Furminator brush reduces shedding. It can also make your cleaning routine easier by catching fur before it spreads.

managing dog hair

Protecting Furniture

To keep your furniture fur-free, try using washable covers. They trap dog hair and are easy to clean. For your dog’s own space, a washable Ikea Kivik Chaise cushion bed works well. Spraying it with Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator keeps it smelling fresh. Having a dog door also cuts down on fur and odors inside.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Grooming your dog outside can stop fur from taking over your home. Picking furniture and materials that stand up to pets helps too. Elevating food bowls makes cleaning underneath simpler and helps your dog digest better.

Feeding your dog a good diet is crucial for less shedding. It keeps their coat healthy. And don’t forget about regular vet visits to keep their skin and coat in top shape.


Living with an Australian Shepherd is a journey filled with joys and the task of managing their shedding. This intelligent, active breed has a thick undercoat that sheds with the seasons. By adopting regular grooming, you keep your Aussie’s coat healthy and your home clean. Regular brushing and the right tools, like slicker brushes and undercoat rakes, are essential.

Focus on diet and health, too, to manage shedding well. Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin E, and zinc are key for a healthy coat and help control shedding. Some Australian Shepherds may shed less, depending on their coat type. The amount of sunlight, climate, and stress levels can also affect shedding, making regular grooming especially important.

Keeping your home clear of fur might seem tough, but it’s doable with some daily effort. Regular cleaning, covering furniture, and sometimes getting professional help can tackle shedding. Despite the shedding challenges, the bond with your Australian Shepherd is priceless. Their energy and love add so much joy to your life.


Q: What Causes Shedding in Australian Shepherds?

A: Australian Shepherds shed because their natural coats change. This happens most during seasonal shifts, often called the “blow coat” phase. Shedding can also change with diet, health, and age.

Q: What is Seasonal Shedding and the “Blow Coat” Phenomenon?

A: Seasonal shedding, or “blow coat,” happens when Australian Shepherds lose their undercoats for the new season. This makes them lose more hair than usual. It’s a natural process tied to changing temperatures.

Q: What Factors Influence Shedding?

A: Shedding in Australian Shepherds is affected by several things. These include their diet, overall health, age, and the environment they live in. Regular grooming can help control how much they shed.

Q: What Are the Best Brushing Techniques for Double Coats?

A: Using slicker brushes and undercoat rakes to care for an Australian Shepherd’s double coat. Brushing them several times a week is key. It helps reduce shedding and keeps their coat healthy.

Q: How Frequently Should I Bathe My Australian Shepherd?

A: You should bathe your Australian Shepherd only as needed to protect their skin oils. Usually, once every 4-6 weeks is good. But, this may change depending on their coat and activities.

Q: How Does Diet Impact Shedding?

A: Feeding your Australian Shepherd a diet rich in omega fatty acids can improve their coat’s shine and reduce shedding. Good nutrition is vital for their health and affects how much they shed.

Q: What Are the Best Brushes and Grooming Tools for Australian Shepherds?

A: The top grooming tools for Australian Shepherds are slicker brushes, undercoat rakes, and dematting combs. These tools deal well with their thick coats and lessen hair loss.

Q: Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Best for Pet Hair?

A: Vacuums made for pets, like those from Dyson and Shark, are great at removing pet hair. Choose ones with strong suction and attachments for pet hair.

Q: What Grooming Products Are Recommended?

A: To manage shedding, use shedding shampoos and omega-rich supplements. Opt for quality grooming products made for Australian Shepherds’ needs.

Q: What Are Effective Daily Cleaning Habits?

A: Daily cleaning routines should include regular vacuuming and the use of lint rollers. Also, grooming your dog outdoors helps keep your home clean.

Q: How Can I Protect My Furniture from Dog Hair?

A: Use throws or covers on furniture to deal with dog hair. Picking pet-friendly materials like leather or tight weaves also reduces hair buildup.

Q: What Lifestyle Adjustments Can Help Manage Shedding?

A: To control shedding, choose pet-friendly furniture, clean daily, and use proper grooming tools. These changes can really help with an Australian Shepherd’s shedding.

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