Cane Corso Size: Facts About This Massive Guard Dog

cane corso size

Have you ever thought about why the Cane Corso is so big and protective? This ancient breed is known to be a formidable guard. The name “Cane Corso” comes from Latin, meaning “bodyguard dog.” Males are tall, between 25 and 27.5 inches, while females are a bit shorter, standing between 23.5 and 26 inches. They are both strong and sizable, matching their height with their weight.

Their look is intimidating, with a solid head and a gaze that says they mean business. Originating from ancient Greece and Rome, Cane Corsos were once warriors, guards, and hunters. They form deep, meaningful connections with their owners, sensing their feelings and being intensely loyal.

Not just big, they need lots of mental and physical activity. They communicate in unique ways, including a special “roo-roo” song. They are devoted friends, loving nothing more than being with their people.

Key Takeaways

  • Male Cane Corsos stand between 25 and 27.5 inches tall, females between 23.5 and 26 inches.
  • The breed’s weight is proportional to its height, typically ranging from 90 to 110 pounds.
  • Cane Corsos date back to ancient Greece, initially bred as warrior dogs.
  • These dogs are known for their protective characteristics and deep, subtle relationships with their owners.
  • Mental and physical stimulation is crucial for Cane Corsos to thrive.

Introduction to the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is famous for its strong body, temperament and protective nature. It has a long history, being important in both old and current times. As an ancient guard dog, it has changed a lot over the years. Yet, it stays a top protector and faithful friend.

Historical Background

The history of the Cane Corso goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. These dogs first served as warriors in Roman legions. Being related to the Molossus, an ancient guard dog, they shifted from war to being guardians and companions through many generations.

Breed Origin and Purpose

These dogs once herded livestock, protected farms, and hunted wild animals like boars. After almost disappearing post-World War, they returned to Italy in the 1970s. This led to them being officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2007 and the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2010. This recognition confirmed their breed standard and group.

This comeback highlights their lasting charm as a breed that mixes power with faithfulness. With big heads and muscular bodies, Cane Corsi are known for their great ability. They do well in many areas from guarding to being part of the family. Their move from ancient guards to today’s protectors tells an interesting story through time.

Breed Standards and Measurements

The Cane Corso stands out because of its big size and protective attitude. These dogs must meet strict breed standards from well-known kennel clubs. This ensures they keep their distinctive look and are able to work well.

cane corso measurements

Height and Weight

The breed standards carefully detail the height and weight of cane corsos. Males should be 25 to 27 inches tall at the withers. Females are a bit shorter, ranging from 23.5 to 25 inches. For weight, males are between 100 and 110 pounds, and females are lighter, at 88 to 100 pounds. There’s even a small room for a difference in size, allowing for an inch more or less.

Body Structure

The Cane Corso has a strong, muscular body that shows its power and quickness. Its head is wide, adding to its strong look. The coat is short and rough. It can be black, various grays, fawn, stag red, and brindle. Keeping their body measurements balanced is important. It shows they meet the breed’s standards, looking and acting as they should.




Height at Withers (in)25-2723.5-25
Height at Withers (cm)63.5-6860-64
Weight (lbs)100-11088-100
Weight (kg)45-5040-45

Right Cane Corso measurements make sure these dogs keep true to their roots as strong, fast guards. Their height and weight limits help them keep a menacing look. At the same time, it makes certain they stay in line with what is expected in the breed.

Understanding Cane Corso Size

The Cane Corso is known for its big size difference between males and females. Males are usually bigger and stronger. To understand fully, we need to look at their growth stages.

Size Variations Between Male and Female

Males are taller and heavier than females. A male can be 25 to 27.5 inches tall and weigh 99 to 110 pounds. On the other hand, females are a bit smaller. They stand 23.5 to 26 inches tall and weigh 85 to 99 pounds.

Growth Chart and Development

The growth chart shows how these dogs develop from birth to 14 months. During this time, their height and weight change a lot:

AgeHeight (inches)Weight (pounds)
1 month8 to 1120 to 28
2 months12 to 1530 to 36
3 months14 to 1735 to 40
4 months16 to 2042 to 46
5 months17 to 2560 to 65
6 months21 to 2660 to 65
7 months25 to 2865 to 70
8 months26 to 2870 to 80
9 months26 to 2980 to 90
10 months27 to 2985 to 95
11 months28 to 2990 to 100
12 months/1 year28 to 2995 to 115
13 months29 to 3098 to 120
14 months29 to 30100 to 125

Cane Corso puppies may grow until they are 18 to 24 months old. Some may grow even after their second birthday. Growth in height usually slows down by 18 months. But, they may still gain weight, especially if they aren’t active. Knowing this helps us take better care of these big, protective dogs.

Factors Influencing Cane Corso Size

The size of a Cane Corso is mainly shaped by its genetics and what it eats. Knowing these can help guess how big your pet will get as an adult.

Genetics and Lineage

Genetics are key in setting the size and growth pace of this breed. Knowing how big the puppy’s parents are can give you a clue about its future size. Male Cane Corsos are usually 24 to 28 inches tall. Females stand between 23 to 26 inches. Weight depends on height, with males weighing 99 to 110 pounds and females 88 to 99 pounds.

cane corso genetics

Nutrition and Diet

The food you give your cane corso also affects its growth. A good diet with the right balance of proteins, fats, and vitamins is very important. It’s best to choose dog foods that meet AAFCO standards. They have everything your dog needs. You could also go for homemade meals if they’re balanced. But remember, too much food and too little exercise can cause weight and health problems. Keep an eye on what and how much your Cane Corso eats to keep them healthy.

Cane Corso AgeWeight (lbs)Length (inches)
1 Month20-288-11
4 Months42-4616-20
8 Months70-8026-28
12 Months95-11528-29

Measuring Your Cane Corso

Knowing your Cane Corso’s size is important for their health and to meet breed standards. This guide shows you how to measure their height and weight. Doing this keeps your guard dog in top shape.

Height Measurement

Place your Cane Corso on a level surface to measure height. They should stand straight, with legs under them and shoulders apart. Measure their height at the withers, the top of the shoulders, for an accurate size.

Weight Measurement

Use a big enough scale for your Cane Corso. Make sure they stand balanced on it for a correct weight. Weighing them regularly helps track their growth. It helps adjust their food and activity needs.

Age (Months)

Weight Range (Pounds)

Length Range (Inches)

120 to 288 to 11
230 to 3612 to 15
335 to 4014 to 17
442 to 4616 to 20
560 to 6517 to 25
660 to 6521 to 26
765 to 7025 to 28
870 to 8026 to 28
980 to 9026 to 29
1085 to 9527 to 29
1190 to 10028 to 29
1295 to 11528 to 29
1398 to 12029 to 30
14100 to 12529 to 30

Regularly checking your Cane Corso’s height and weight is wise. Our guide helps ensure they grow up healthy and strong. It gives you crucial info on their size for their best care.

The Implications of the Cane Corso’s Size

The Cane Corso’s large size makes it excellent for guarding and living. Owners need to understand this. These big dogs are not just strong and good at keeping you safe. They are also loving towards their families.

Guard Dog Abilities

The Cane Corso is naturally protective, making it an excellent guard dog. They are smart and powerful, ready to face dangers. This combination of traits makes them a good choice for those wanting both a friend and a protector.

Exercise and Space Requirements

Because of their size and energy, Cane Corso dogs need lots of room and exercise. Small apartments don’t suit them well. They do best where they can move and play freely, like in a big yard. Keeping them active is key to their health, avoiding obesity and health problems like hip dysplasia.

Enough space and activities keep them healthy and use their energy well. It makes sure these noble dogs are content and lead a good life.


Weight (Males)

Weight (Females)

Height (Males)

Height (Females)

At birth1-2 lbs1-2 lbsN/AN/A
1 month5-9 lbs5-9 lbsN/AN/A
3 months35-40 lbsN/A14-17 inchesN/A
Full-grown99-110 lbs85-99 lbs25-27.5 inches23.5-26 inches


The Cane Corso is a large, strong breed. Males can stand up to 27.5 inches tall and weigh up to 120 pounds. Females are a bit smaller but still powerful. They reach full size around 19 months. Knowing their growth chart and giving them the right food helps them grow healthy.

They grow fast, starting from 8 to 12 weeks old. Puppies can go from 1-2 pounds at birth to 95-115 pounds by their first birthday. Watching their height and weight is important for their health. A good diet and exercise plan can prevent health problems like hip dysplasia and bloat.

Cane Corsos need space to be active, and taking care of them can be costly. This includes expenses for food, health care, and grooming. They don’t shed much, which makes grooming easier. But they do need regular training and social time to be happy pets. If you understand their growth and needs, your Cane Corso will be both healthy and joyful.


Q: What is the typical height and weight of a Cane Corso?

A: Male Cane Corsos typically stand between 25 and 27.5 inches tall and weigh 90 to 110 pounds. Female Corsos are a bit smaller. They range from 23.5 to 26 inches in height. And they weigh between 90 and 110 pounds too.

Q: How can I measure my Cane Corso’s height?

A: To measure your dog’s height, have them stand up straight. Their legs should be straight and set apart. Then, measure from the withers to the ground. The withers are the highest point of the shoulder blades.

Q: Are there size differences between male and female Cane Corsos?

A: Yes, there are size differences. Males are generally larger and have a heavier build than females. They stand taller. And their build is more robust compared to females.

Q: What factors influence the size of a Cane Corso?

A: A Cane Corso’s size is shaped by their genes, their family line, and their food. Feeding them right and keeping them active is key. This helps them grow up strong and healthy.

Q: What is the growth chart for a Cane Corso?

A: A Cane Corso’s growth can vary a lot. At 1 month, they might be 20 to 28 pounds and 8 to 11 inches tall. By 14 months, they can grow to 100 to 125 pounds and 29 to 30 inches. Their growth depends on their genes and their living conditions.

Q: How do I measure my Cane Corso’s weight accurately?

A: For a correct weight, put your dog on a big enough scale. Make sure its weight is spread out evenly. Keep track of their weight regularly. This helps you stay on top of their health.

Q: What is the Cane Corso’s body structure like?

A: The Cane Corso is muscular and sturdy. They have a large head and a short, coarse coat. Their strong body lets them do jobs like guarding and herding well.

Q: What does a Cane Corso’s diet need to consist of for proper growth?

A: They need food that’s rich in proteins, fats, and vitamins for proper growth. You can feed them good commercial dog food that meets AAFCO standards. Or give them balanced homemade meals.

Q: What are the size-related exercise requirements for a Cane Corso?

A: Given their size, Cane Corsos need plenty of room to move. They also need regular, organized exercise. This keeps them healthy and stops them from getting overweight. Being active also lets them use their energy in a good way.

Q: What are the characteristics of a Cane Corso as a guard dog?

A: Cane Corsos are naturally protective. They are strong, smart, and built for guarding. Their size and strength make them great guard dogs.

Q: How does the size of a Cane Corso affect their suitability as a family pet?

A: Even though they are big, Cane Corsos can be loving, faithful pets. But, they do need lots of room and regular walking. Teaching them and getting them used to people early on will help them fit into family life.

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