French Bulldog Puppies – Adorable & Friendly Companions

french bulldog puppies

Did you know French Bulldog puppies can cost from $3,000 to $12,000? The price varies with things like color, gender, and the breeder’s reputation. If you’re thinking about getting one, knowing these details is important.

TomKings Frenchie bulldog family is famous for breeding lovable, friendly French Bulldog puppies. Choosing one of their puppies means you’re not just picking a pet. You’re getting a lifelong friend with lots of care.

This care includes a plane ticket to big airports, a pet passport, and puppy shots. You also get a health guarantee for genetic illnesses. Your pup will have lifelong vet help online and from the breeder.

There are more benefits too. You get PayPal protection for payments and unique extras like deworming and microchipping. TomKingsKennel offers a closed Facebook group for its Frenchie families. Plus, your new pup will join meet-ups and be well on their way to being house-trained and socialized.

TomKings puppies are from great families, and you can get an AKC registration for them. You also have the option for a special international pedigree. This makes them a wonderful choice for any family.

Key Takeaways

  • French Bulldog puppies can range in price from $3,000 to $12,000.
  • TomKings Frenchies offer a comprehensive adoption package, including health certifications and flight tickets.
  • Additional services include potty training, socialization, and lifetime breeder’s help.
  • TomKings puppies come with AKC registration and the option for FCI export pedigree.
  • Joining the TomKingsKennel community offers lifetime support and local meet-up opportunities.

The Appeal of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have a special charm that everyone loves. They look unique and have a long history of being great friends. Their cute looks and friendly nature make them stand out.

Their Unique Appearance

Frenchies are known for their special look. They have flat faces, big ears, and wrinkled skin. This makes them not only adorable but also easy to spot. They are small and don’t weigh much, so they fit well in small homes.

distinctive French bulldog look

Popularity and Origins

In the 19th century, French Bulldogs started as a smaller version of English Bulldogs in England. They were loved by lacemakers and later by French artists and rich Americans. Now, in 2022, they are the most popular dogs in America. Their popularity has increased a lot since 2012, showing how much people love them.

  • Top Breed in Major Cities: French Bulldogs are very popular in big U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles.
  • Historical Influence: Since the late 19th century, French Bulldogs have been seen in art, showing they are a special breed.
  • Celebrity Favorites: Lots of celebrities, from Hugh Jackman to Madonna, love French Bulldogs.

Friendly and Playful Nature

French Bulldogs are known for being very friendly. They get along in any lifestyle, making them great for city living. They bring happiness to families, singles, and seniors with their playful and loving ways. Whether in a city or the suburbs, Frenchies spread joy wherever they go.

Caring for Your French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldogs need special care due to their short noses. This makes them prone to breathing problems and easily overheating. It’s crucial to keep them cool during hot weather and when they’re playing a lot. Regular grooming is also a must. This means brushing their fur, cleaning their unique ears, and keeping their nails short. Don’t forget to wipe the wrinkles on their face. Keeping them clean there helps avoid skin issues.

Vet visits are key for your French bulldog puppy. They help catch and treat common health issues early, like skin allergies and eye problems. Hip dysplasia and stomach issues are also risks. Make sure your puppy comes from responsible breeders who check their parents for these issues. This gives your puppy a better chance at a healthy life.

What you feed your French bulldog is vital for their health. Aim for a diet that fits their age, size, and how much they move. This diet should also account for any food allergies they might have. Feed your puppy four times a day when they’re 8 weeks old, and change this as they get older. While they need exercise, keep it at a good level. Their energy levels are not very high, making them great for living in apartments.

To keep your French bulldog from getting too hot, provide shade and plenty of water. Also, limit their workout on hot days. Using cooling products and watching for signs that they’re too hot can help. Keeping them active, well-trained, and happy is a big step towards good behavior and a healthy life.

Feeding4 times a day (8 weeks old)Adjust feeding times seasonally
BathingOccasionallyOnly when visibly dirty
Nail ClippingMonthlyPrevent overgrowth
Ear CleaningWeekly or moreUse specifically formulated cleaning solution
Teeth CleaningDailyBrushing or providing large raw bones
Vaccinations7 weeks oldBooster needed after 3 weeks

Finding Reputable French Bulldog Breeders

Looking for French bulldog breeders means checking they care well for their dogs. Good breeders show their dogs’ health certifications openly. They also share the medical history and genetic tests of their puppies. If a breeder gives health guarantees and accepts returns for sick puppies, that’s a good sign.

French bulldog breeders

Key Factors to Look For

Quality breeders let puppies stay with their mothers for at least 12 weeks. This ensures the puppies learn social skills properly. They also give the mothers time to rest and pick great times to breed. This often leads to puppies being born in the spring or fall. Expect to pay a high price for a puppy because of these careful practices. Dogs used for breeding must be over 2 years old to ensure they are healthy and have good temperaments.

Health Certifications and Guarantees

Puppies that grow up in homes are usually better adjusted as adult dogs. Good breeders give a contract with a health guarantee and proof a vet checked the puppy before you got it. If a puppy turns out to be unhealthy, they should let you return it and get your money back. They keep good health records and make sure the puppies are vaccinated properly.

Breeder Reputation and Reviews

When you visit a French Bulldog breeder, check if their space is clean and that they seem knowledgeable. They should be ready to talk about things like size, temperament, and what the dog needs for exercise and food. Reviews and recommendations from other buyers are a good way to learn about the breeder’s reputation. Being part of recognized dog clubs and being active in the community also shows they are dedicated to good breeding practices.

Understanding French Bulldog Temperament

The French Bulldog is loved for its kind and happy character. This makes them great for many homes. They enjoy being around people and are easy to please.

Understanding French Bulldog Temperament

Adaptability to Different Lifestyles

French Bulldogs fit into all kinds of home life. They can live in a busy or quiet house. Their calm and loving ways help them get along with everyone.

This means they do well in small apartments or big houses with yards. They don’t need a lot of exercise. A short walk each day and some play indoors are enough.

Interaction with Children and Other Pets

French bulldogs and kids often become the best of friends. But, they are better with kids older than five. This prevents accidents and keeps everyone safe.

They also fit in well with other animals, perfect for homes with many pets. Early training and meeting new people are key. This helps ensure your French Bulldog is polite and well-behaved.

  1. Average Weight: 16-28 pounds
  2. Life Expectancy: 10-14 years
  3. Exercise Needs: Up to 1 hour per day
  4. Barking Habit: Alert barkers
  5. Health Concerns: Breathing difficulties, patellar luxations, ear discharge, dermatitis
  6. Grooming: Low, brush once a week, wipe face every few days

Training Tips for French Bulldog Puppies

Training your French Bulldog puppy is a great experience. It needs patience, being consistent, and using certain key methods. You should start training your Frenchie puppy as soon as you bring them home. Let’s talk about effective training tips and socialization techniques for Frenchie pups.

Starting with Basic Commands

Begin with simple commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ to build a strong base. These are not just for daily use but also connect you and your pet. Positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, makes learning fun for your Frenchie puppy.

Developing a daily training routine will help your puppy understand and follow a schedule.

Socialization Techniques

Socialization is key to a confident and adaptable Frenchie. Introduce your pup to different people, animals, and places from the start. This makes them a well-rounded adult dog.

Visiting parks, going to puppy classes, and walking on varied surfaces are great social exercises. They help avoid future behavior problems and improve your Frenchie’s nature.

These basic training and socialization steps lay the groundwork for a well-adjusted French Bulldog. Keep in mind, being consistent and patient is vital to turn your Frenchie into a loving, well-mannered companion.

Maintaining French Bulldog Health

Keeping a French Bulldog healthy takes a lot of work. You need to focus on their diet, take them to the vet regularly, keep them clean, and make sure they get enough exercise. It’s best to feed French Bulldog puppies a diet of raw meat that includes muscle meats, bone, organ parts, vegetables, and supplements. This helps them get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

It’s a good idea to keep puppies on the same diet they started with to avoid tummy issues. They should eat four meals a day when they’re 8 weeks old. Adjust the meals with the seasons to support their growth. A puppy that weighs 5lbs needs about 5 ounces of a raw diet at each meal. That’s roughly 1/2 to 3/4 cups of kibble.

Grooming is also essential. Cleaning their wrinkles and tail pocket keeps them healthy by preventing infection. It’s also crucial to cut their nails every month. But be careful not to bathe them too often. French Bulldogs have sensitive skin that can dry out. Make sure to use the right shampoo for them and dry their ears well to avoid infections.

It’s vital to take French Bulldogs for regular check-ups at the vet. In the first round of shots, they should get vaccines against parvovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus types 1 & 2, and distemper. They are at risk for skin problems, hip issues, and breathing trouble because of their compact faces. This can make them overheat in hot weather or when they exercise too much.

Keep their exercise gentle yet frequent. This helps them stay at a healthy weight and avoid becoming obese. Mentally, they also need to be kept busy. This keeps them happy and well-rounded. Choose a breeder that takes health seriously. They should do thorough health checks and offer long-term support against breed-related issues.

Clean their ears regularly to prevent infection. Cleaning their tail pocket is equally important to stop infections. Even though they don’t shed a lot, you still need to groom them often. French Bulldogs love company and can get anxious when left alone, so make sure they get lots of attention.


Owning a French Bulldog brings immense joy and companionship. They are loved for their adorable looks and friendly ways. It’s vital to be aware of the joys and duties that come with them.

The initial cost of a French Bulldog reflects the care from top breeders, like those in North Carolina. Getting a pup from a trusted breeder guarantees a healthy, high-caliber pet. This is an investment in a good start.

French Bulldogs are loved the world over for good reason. They fit well in different homes, from city apartments to the countryside. They are known to be loving and loyal, great for families with kids and pets.

Still, owning a French Bulldog means staying on top of their care. You’ll need to make sure they get enough exercise, grooming, and see the vet regularly. This helps with some health issues they might face, such as trouble breathing or joint problems.

After the initial cost, you’ll keep spending on their food, grooming, and health needs. It’s key to get them used to a daily schedule early on, for their behavior and health. They should also meet lots of people and dogs when young, to be social and friendly.

As these charming dogs keep becoming more popular, having one at home guarantees years of affection and responsibility.


Where can I find French Bulldog puppies for sale?

You can find French Bulldog puppies at places like TomKings Frenchie bulldog family. They ensure the puppies are healthy. They also provide good support.

What makes French Bulldog puppies so adorable?

French Bulldog puppies are cute because of their special features. These include their flat faces, bat ears, and wrinkles.

Why are French Bulldogs so popular?

They are friendly and fun, fitting into many lifestyles. French Bulldogs are also small and charming. This makes them great friends.

How should I care for my French Bulldog puppy?

Keep your puppy cool to stay healthy. Also, groom them often. This means brushing their coat and cleaning their ears. Don’t forget about what they eat. And check with the vet regularly.

What are the key factors to look for in reputable French Bulldog breeders?

Look for breeders with lots of experience. They should have health certifications. A good reputation is a must. Make sure the breeder offers support for the dog’s whole life.

What should I know about the temperament of French Bulldogs?

These dogs are friendly and fit into most homes. They get along well with kids and other pets. French Bulldogs are known for being sociable.

How do I start training my French Bulldog puppy?

Start with commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’. Be regular and positive in your training. It’s also important to let your puppy meet different people and animals.

What are the essential aspects of maintaining French Bulldog health?

Health means regular visits to the vet and good food. They also need the right amount of exercise. Be careful with their unique shape to avoid breathing problems. Grooming and cleaning your dog’s teeth are essential too.

How much does it cost to own a French Bulldog?

Owning a French Bulldog includes the price from a good breeder. You’ll also spend money on food, health care, grooming, and training.

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