Story of Kratu and Tess

I am constantly amazed at the journey with my dog Kratu. 5 years ago he came into my life rescued from terrible circumstances and facing a life of starvation and violence.. luckily he was taken a few weeks to safety and into foster with a friend. I started training him via WhatsApp watching videos daily…
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10th December 2018 0

Children with autism and their dogs

For a child with autism, the world can sometimes be a scary and complex place. Sensitivity to sounds and lights can make it incredibly hard to navigate the environment and lead to sensory overload, or they may feel required to communicate with others in ways they do not feel comfortable doing so, and daily tasks…
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27th October 2018 0

Pawprints in China

Prior to arriving in China, I did conservation advocacy and hands-on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with multiple organizations. I had a BA from The University of Calgary, but no formal scientific animal training, only practical experience. I arrived in China in January 2011, as a volunteer for Animals Asia Foundation. Through…
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19th October 2018 0 Annie Phenix, CPDT-KA, and her Border Collie siblings Radar and Echo at a scenic overlook in Durango, CO. Photo by Tica Clarke.

Border Collie Brain Tumor Survivor

Human Grade Medicine Saving Pets Like Never Before I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months lying on the floor weeping beside my 13-year-old Border Collie, Echo. She has always been particular about how she wants to be petted so I do my best to focus on her neck and belly but…
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4th October 2018 0

Caring for the Carer

Anyone who has cared for a loved one knows that being a carer can be tough at times. Caring for a child with special needs, an elderly relative, partner with mental health; whatever the need of the person, being their carer can often be challenging. It is no different if you care for a dog…
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12th August 2018 0

A Hierarchy of Dog Needs: Abraham Maslow Meets the Mutts

A Big thank you to Marc and Linda for allowing us to use this article, the original can be found here. Linda Michaels’ dog training stresses gentle care, rewards, and choice Abraham Maslow goes to the dogs I recently read about Linda Michaels’ Hierarchy of Dog Needs (HDN) and was very impressed with her “positive training”…
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9th August 2018 0